Internet has swept the world by its feet. Today, the speed at which Internet has grown in India is remarkable considering the quality of infrastructure that exists. With the advent of new technologies, users can easily reach out to any piece of information anytime, anywhere. And it is because of this advantage that the corporate and individuals are entirely devoted to the mechanism of Internet. Whether you want to sell your products online, wish to display your catalogue, write your opinions and suggestions on blogs, want to meet and make friends, position your brand etc everything has become possible just by a mere click of a mouse!

Internet marketing can be highly targeted to your specific customer; it is more effective and provides a higher return on investment than traditional media advertising.

Internet marketing gained its prominence a few years ago in India when the number of users increased. In this competitive and stress environment people generally do not have the time to search things manually. By a mere click, if you get the information desired by sitting where ever you are does make a better impact and saves your time or energy. Marketing on the Internet aims at these two dimensions: time and quality of information.

The purpose of Internet Marketing is to position the company's brand or name, online advertising, increase the revenue generation, online promotion or publicity and to provide convenient reach to the users. The recent trends have shown an increased bent of organizations towards Internet Marketing and predictions are that it will conquer television and radio market as well.

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Through constant screening and analysis of the page rankings of the company's websites, promotion and publicity campaigns are planned in order to increase the number of enquiries or users and to generate brand awareness. Online marketing has become a vital tool for key buyers and customers to make their orders. A major chunk of the company's revenues are generated through online catalogues and hence Internet Marketing has played a vital role in boosting company's sales.