Digital Marketing Internship

Are You A Non-Technical Person Without Programming Skills, But Still Want To Pursue A Career In IT?
Digital Marketing is the right course for you. It doesn't need any programming skills, as familiarity with the internet is sufficient to master the concepts to pursue a successful career.
Internship and hands on experience in digital marketing.


Overview of Digital Marketing

Marketing is about your relationship with your customers and how well you connect with them. Today any form of marketing that exists online is termed as Digital marketing, it is one of the most powerful aspects of running a business today. Digital Marketing utilizes the Internet and other digital media resources such as search engines, social media, websites, mobile apps, video, images, etc. to connect with current and prospective customers to achieve marketing objectives.

What is the Format of the Program

The Digital Marketing internship is delivered in two learning modes: classroom and online, to cater to your learning preferences while ensuring maximum learning efficacy.

  • Classroom batches:

    Classroom training by expert faculty at our Igeeks centres in Bangalore.

  • Online batches:

    live instructor-led virtual Classes with expert faculty for real-time learning and interaction with batch mates.

Class timings for both formats are fixed and you are required to be available for your classes on time

What Can I Learn From
this Internship?

  • This digital marketing Internship gives an in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing and covers the essentials of online marketing and analytical tools
  • It trains the students to adopt a personalized approach to marketing as Digital Marketing improves sales figures and lowers customer acquisition costs.
  • Participants learn to create the best Internet Marketing Strategy by using channels like Mobile Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, YouTube Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing
  • Prepare to use PPC ads, google ads, search ads, shopping ads, app installation ads, video marketing ads to increase the organic traffic to your website.

Internship Certificate

Internship certificates are given to those interns who have completed the training and project work at a company. With the help of this certificate, they can prove their skills, talent and worth for the position.Once the students are done with their education and they are ready to take a job, this certificate becomes a key document for them.

Concepts covered in Digital Marketing Internship

Digital Marketing Overview
Website Planning and Creation
Search Engine Opt.& Youtube Marketing
PPC Advertisements and Google Ads
Remarketing Strategies & Mobile Marketing
Search Ads & Online Display Advertising
Video Marketing Ads & Email Marketing
Online Reputation Management
Facebook Marketing & Twitter Marketing
Linkedin Marketing & Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Content Writting & Marketing

Project Titles

To improve your practical exposure to the subject we also provide you with projects to work on Digital Marketing.

Learn How To Create & Run A Successful Google AdWords Campaign, Yahoo & Bing Adcenter to Generate Visitors, leads and Sales.

Learn how to create and Run Facebook Ads campaigns. furture how to optimize campaigns across multiple target options, business goals and AD creatives to Generate More clicks to website.

Taking live website, learn Practically how to make website visibility on top of the search engines (Google) for all Business Related Keywords with an aim of driving Traffic (Visitors) to the website, increase sales and revenue.

Perform rich keyword analysis to optimize content and your website to rank well on various search engines, mainly Google.

Learn how to used Facebook as a customer and create a ‘test page' for business and learn how it works. Facebook ad marketing is one of most in-demand skills right now. You could create sample posts on the page and even experiment with boosting it for minimum money.Learn how to distribute ad spends over a number of days, so that you achieve your desired objective (leads, engagement, website traffic, etc.)

Pricing Plan

Our courses are provided at the best rates in the industry across various plans that fit perfectly in your budget and offer you the best of services.

1 month Internship


  • Internship Offer Letter
  • 1 Project Assistance.
  • Project Report Materials.
  • Internship Certificate on successful project completion
  • 1 month
  • 20 + hours of mentor

2 month Internship


  • Internship Offer Letter
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 2 projects Assistance.
  • Internship Certificate on successful project completion
  • Final Year Project Assistance.
  • 2 months.
  • 40 + hours of mentor.

3 month Internship


  • In depth course.
  • Internship Offer Letter.
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 5 projects Assistance.
  • Internship Certificate on successful project completion
  • Resume and Interview Preparation Assistance
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 3 months.
  • 80 + hours of mentor.

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