Why Should You Learn Android App Development?

82 international markets with regular investment that constantly rises.
1.4 billion active Android Development Devices at present in various part of the globe.
More than 80% of the mobile applications use Android OS, developed by Google. Most of the start-ups today use mobiles apps for their business progress.
Android App development is one of the fastest moving markets in the tech-industry. This expansion in the market has put forward millions of career opportunities and options around the world. Learn the tools and best practices of Android development that you will further implement in your very own projects.


Overview of Android App Development

Android is an open source Operating System Developed by Google initially for smartphones in 2008. It is the most prominent and widespread operating system in the world with more than 2.3 Billion Smartphones running Android as of 2018. In India alone, about 92% of smartphones run on Android.

Today Android is embedded with every form of smart devices and legacy devices imaginable. Some of them include smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, Android Auto(Cars), Voice Assistants, TVs, Music Players and plenty of other tech gadgets.

Hence developers need to create applications that can tap into such a huge user base. In order to do that they need to get proficient at all aspects of Android app development starting from building basic applications to eventually building enterprise level applications.

What is the Format of the Program

The Android App Development Internship is delivered in two learning modes: classroom and online, to cater to your learning preferences while ensuring maximum learning efficacy.

  • Classroom batches:

    Classroom training by expert faculty at our Igeeks centres in Bangalore.

  • Online batches:

    live instructor-led virtual Classes with expert faculty for real-time learning and interaction with batch mates

Class timings for both formats are fixed and you are required to be available for your classes on time.

What Can I Learn From
this Internship?

  • Make a firm understanding about the required basic concepts of Java like OOPs, Exception Handling and Multithreading
  • Understand the principal ideas related to Android and the way to set up a Development Environment
  • Learn Android platform architecture.
  • How to use android SDK's Emulator to test and debug applications
  • Create Multimedia android applications and Location-based applications
  • UI Components, Android API Levels and its versions etc..
  • Build User Interface, Mange Inputs, Buttons and Reactive Interfaces
  • SQLite, XML & JSON.
  • Learn the advanced level concepts in Android including Web Services, Google Map etc. and their tools and applications

Internship Certificate

Internship certificates are given to those interns who have completed the training and project work at a company. With the help of this certificate, they can prove their skills, talent and worth for the position.Once the students are done with their education and they are ready to take a job, this certificate becomes a key document for them.

Concepts covered in Android App Development

Introduction to the Android world
Understanding the Building Environment for Android
Android Studio
Understanding Layouts
UI Widgets
Getting familiar with Activity
Introduction to Intents
Understanding various Notifications
Menus and List Views
Web services, JSON Parsing
Real time working on APIs
Google maps

Project Titles

To improve your practical exposure to the subject we also provide you with projects to work on that simulate the real-world technicalities concerning Android Development.

Baby care app is a complete guiding and remembrance tool for the parent. Baby Care App helps the parent to track everything in an easy way and helps the parents to get satisfaction. The application has three branches they are upto3, fourto6 and sevento10.by choosing your child age from the three branches there will be categories under each branch.

This application provides is a new technique of casting votes using mobile phones. Android voting system is an application developed for android devices to deploy an easy and flexible way of casting votes anytime and from anywhere.

The college has to maintain separate documents for student marks and attendance. And also they have display every event in the notice board which might miss out by the few students. Instead of this our app will help college to store all the records of students and also faculty in one database. And also students can get the details in one click.

Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods from a seller over the internet using android phones. This project deals with developing an e-commerce website for online different types of products. It provides the user with a catalog of different types of products available for purchase in the store.

Toll gate payment system have been of great assistance in lessening the over congestion that has become a part of the metropolitan cities these days. It is one of the uncomplicated ways to manage the great rum of traffic. The travelers passing through this mode of transport, carried by their transport that allows them to be aware of the account of the money that has been paid and the money left in the tag.It relieves the traveler of the burden of waiting in the queue to make the toll payment, which decreases the fuel-consumption and also taking cash with them can be avoided. Our system avoids this type of problems, user he gate pass from online so user doesn't need to wait the tollgate.

Many MNCs or other companies are conducting interview and recruitments when they need resources. If the recruitment drive is too big then they need many man powers to control the drive in assigning question books or assigning different systems or we can say allocating many people with different employs. Here we found very difficult to handle situation, but this app gives a simple solution in handling people in the drive and assigning aptitude test for each of them.

Pricing Plan

Our courses are provided at the best rates in the industry across various plans that fit perfectly in your budget and offer you the best of services.

1 month Internship


  • Internship Offer Letter
  • 1 Project Assistance.
  • Project Report Materials.
  • Internship Certificate on successful project completion
  • 1 month
  • 20 + hours of mentor

2 month Internship


  • Internship Offer Letter
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 2 projects Assistance.
  • Internship Certificate on successful project completion
  • Final Year Project Assistance.
  • 2 months.
  • 40 + hours of mentor.

3 month Internship


  • In depth course.
  • Internship Offer Letter.
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 5 projects Assistance.
  • Internship Certificate on successful project completion
  • Resume and Interview Preparation Assistance
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 3 months.
  • 80 + hours of mentor.

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